Măcelarul şi viaţa

Gândurile unui măcelar foarte supărat pe viaţă:

Life is a tunnel. Everyone has his
own little tunnel.

Only there is no light at the end.

It is a void.
Even memories will be gone.

The old people do know this.
They live a simple life…

…they have small pensions
and a small grave.

And it’s all completely useless.

Even having children.

When you’re old and poor
they will put you in a home…

…to let you suffer in silence.

They don’t care.
They don’t love their parents.

It’s a myth. You only love your
mother when she feeds you.

And your father when he gives you money.

Once her breasts are all
dried out…

…or when your father’s pockets
are empty, better put them away…

…and hope they’ll die a
quick and cheap death.

It’s the law of life.

Only when there’s an inheritance
the children pretend to be nice.

But for a fridge or TV there is,
no need to play nice guy.

Maybe just the bare minimum,
for ease of mind.

Call them every other month…

…a couple of tears at the funeral
and you’ve done your duty.

Love and friendship. It’s all
full of shit

Illusions from your youth…
to cover up the fact…

that all human relationships
are redundant.

Sure friendship and love are useful,
only when they’re beneficiary .

Reality is much more corrupted.

You love your mother because she
feeds you so you stay alive.

Your friend because he helps you get
a job so you stay alive.

Your wife because she cooks for you
and relieves you of your sperm…

…and gives you children
to look after you when you’re old…

…and afraid to die.

But punish your child once
and it’ll retaliate when you’re old.

The punishment…

…will be their tool.
When they put you in a home…

…that will be their excuse to
hide their disinterest…

…that we all have
towards our up bringers.

No, I don’t like the baby they’re
trying to let me have.

And I’m sure the baby
will think the same.

No, fucking is definitely

It’s even damn expensive.

But well, it’s a pastime.

When you don’t want to fuck no more
that’s when you know your time is up.

And that it’s all been the
same in this life.

Merely a reproduction code
that’s been imprinted on us…

…that we think we should obey.

Being born against your will. Eat.

Wave your dick around.
Make new life. Die.

Life is one big void. It’s always been
and it’ll always be.

A large void that can do
just fine without me.

I don’t want to play that game
anymore. not in this life.

I want to experience something personal,
something intense.

I don’t want to be the final replaceable
part of a giant machine.

The day I die I want to
have done more…

…than the shit millions of fuckers
have done together.

Look at it like this…

…every sucker’s done the same things
that I did.

I don’t know.
I must find a reason…

…an excuse or what ever
to find the motivation…

…to go on another 20 years.
Until I die.

Should I start my life all over
I’d want to make porn movies.

It’s all clear.
The people who do that…

…understand the human race.

Either you’re born with a cock
which has to be…

…a big hard dick
filling snatches.

Or you’re born with a pussy
which has to be filled with cock.

In both scenarios you’ll still be alone.

Yeah, I’m a dick.
That’s it.

I’m a sad, sad dick…

Din Seul contre tous (I stand alone)

Un film de Gaspar Noé


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